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Divided Sleeper Berth

Divided Sleeper Berth Guides / Compliance / Divided Sleeper Berth As an integral aspect of their reporting on Hours of Service, drivers have the option to allocate a portion of their rest period to a sleeper berth. Utilizing the Advaya Driver App, drivers document the time spent in sleeper berths. The sleeper berth time for …

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Tailored Driver Rule Settings

Tailored Driver Rule Settings Guides / Compliance / Tailored Driver Rule Settings U.S. Driver Rulesets Initially, your organization is set to the default USA (8/70 Property) ruleset with a 34-Hour Restart. You have the flexibility to customize these settings to align with the specific ruleset applicable to your organization. When making adjustments to these ruleset …

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Automated Driver Status Updates (Auto-Duty)

Automated Driver Status Updates (Auto-Duty) Guides / Compliance / Automated Driver Status Updates (Auto-Duty) Advaya seamlessly updates the driver status based on the requirements outlined in your regional mandates. If your drivers fall under regional mandates, such as ELD regulations, it is advisable to consistently enable this feature for your organization to ensure ongoing compliance. …

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Driver Duty Status Categories

Driver Duty Status Categories Guides / Compliance / Driver Duty Status Categories Yard Move (On Duty) and Personal Conveyance (Off Duty) represent two distinct driving statuses specified under the ELD Mandate. Category Overview Off Duty The driver is on a break or in an off-duty status, not actively operating the vehicle. Sleeper Berth The driver …

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Compliance Overview

Compliance Overview Guides / Compliance / Compliance Overview About Compliance If your area enforces regulations for commercial motor vehicle operators, leverage Advaya to facilitate compliance. Utilizing the Advaya Driver App, your drivers can seamlessly edit, review, and certify logs directly from their personal or company-managed mobile devices. Advaya further empowers fleet and compliance managers with …

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