Advaya Fleet

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Tracking and Telematics

Efficient Fleet Tracking and Monitoring
Ensure real-time visibility into the location, utilization, and health of your vehicles, equipment, and trailers.
Real-Time Insight into Operational Health,
Utilization and Location
Complete Fleet Visibility
Eliminate the need for manual communication dependency. Advaya offers a centralized dashboard for real-time visibility across your physical operations." Fleet view
Automated Location Based Processes
Streamline your fleet visibility with automated processes triggered by real-time vehicle and asset locations obtained through GPS fleet tracking.
Efficient Hardware
Navigate through challenging weather conditions and remote work environments by employing robust GPS fleet tracking devices.
A Fleet Monitoring Solution that Delivers Results

Attain Fleet Visibility

Streamline the management of your vehicles, assets, drivers, and equipment with Advaya’s Integrated Operations Platform.

Enhance Utilization

Ensure optimal vehicle uptime and cost savings through ongoing maintenance and performance reporting.

Boost Efficiency

Analyze past performance, track current orders, and forecast future operational needs."

Equipment Security

Guard against theft and discourage unauthorized use of your assets using geofence alerts and precise GPS fleet tracking.