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ELD Compliance

ELD compliance
Streamline ELD compliance through automation and adopt a proactive stance toward risk management.

Tailored for Managers

Mitigate HOS violations and cut down ELD compliance-related tasks by 50% through a proactive risk management approach using our comprehensive compliance management suite.

Crafted for Drivers

Facilitate faster and more efficient completion of daily compliance tasks for drivers with our leading ELD and highly-rated Driver App. Easily manage HOS for teams with multiple drivers from a single device.

Approved for the U.S. and Canada

Ensure compliance with the Advaya ELD, a solution certified by the FMCSA and Transport Canada, meeting the necessary standards for the U.S. and Canada.
Reduce Violations and Ensure ELD Compliance
Access comprehensive HOS insights across your entire fleet through the Compliance Hub, offering breakdowns of violations, driver leaderboards, and cycle trends over time. Use the Fleet App to view driver logs, monitor on-the-go duty status, and prevent unidentified trips.
Enhance Operational Efficiency with AI
Utilize AI trip assignment to automatically match drivers with unidentified trips and provide real-time notifications through the Advaya Driver App.
Enhance Your CSA Score and Decrease Insurance Expenses
Manage risk effectively by leveraging forecasted CSA scores, intervention thresholds, and violation breakdowns. Proactively monitor CSA scores to pinpoint crucial issues within your fleet. Integrate CSA data with the DRIVE risk score to gain a comprehensive understanding of your drivers’ risk profiles.
Achieve Excellence in Roadside Inspections
Prevent ELD compliance violations by leveraging the Driver App's user-friendly interface, featuring intuitive HOS countdown clocks and proactive alerts. Seamlessly manage IFTA, DVIR, and HOS in one unified solution to ensure a successful outcome in roadside inspections.