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Oil and Gas

Revolutionizing Oil & Gas Operations with Automation
Implement AI-powered automation to enhance driver safety, streamline asset tracking, control costs, and simplify compliance management in oil & gas operations.

Integrated Solution

Advaya stands as the complete solution to meet all your fleet management needs, enabling you to streamline your business operations.

User-Friendly Interface

Open to users with either a mobile or desktop device, the interface is not only clean but also intuitive.

Swift Implementation

Advaya's Professional Services team guarantees a quick setup, expediting adoption and maximizing return on investment right from the beginning.

Dedicated Support

Our support, recognized with awards, is accessible 24/7 in five languages. We are committed to assisting you at every phase of your journey.
Elevate Field Safety Efficiency and Security
Advaya's comprehensive platform, products, and solutions are tailored to address the daily challenges faced by oil & gas companies.

Harness Dashcams

Utilize in-cab footage and real-time alerts to provide coaching for drivers, minimizing the frequency and severity of accidents.

Risk Mitigation

Implement automated, personalized coaching to proactively modify driver behaviour before a collision occurs, or take action to address repeat offenders.

Safeguard Assets

Ensure the security of your investments with real-time asset tracking and optimize asset utilization by tracking across different job sites.
Improve Outage Response Time
Generate alerts and reports to minimize the time between analysis and action, enabling faster response to outages.

Efficient Dispatch Management

Identify drivers by proximity, monitor real-time locations, share documents, and communicate with drivers to coordinate dispatch activities.

GPS Monitoring for Equipment and Vehicles

Get notifications for unauthorized use of vehicles, equipment, and other assets through GPS tracking.

Accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs)

Leverage GPS-enabled ETAs to stay informed about your vehicles' schedules and inform receiving clients of the expected arrival times.
Operate with Optimal Efficiency
Transform your operation into a finely tuned machine with automation. Minimize waste, cut costs, and pave the way for business growth. Choose efficiency with streamlined processes that propel your business forward.

Unified Platform

Consolidate your driver management and dispatching tasks into a single platform, reducing the need for multiple applications. The setup process is quick and straightforward.

Efficient Communication

Establish seamless communication channels between fleet managers, drivers, and the office, facilitating the sharing of vital project information, fostering collaboration, and boosting overall efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Oversight

Gain comprehensive visibility into all facets of your oil and gas operations, ranging from equipment tracking and asset utilization monitoring to driver safety and maintenance.
Mitigate Fuel Costs with Intelligent Fleet Management
Even as oil and gas companies provide fuel to commercial fleets, they are not immune to the same cost challenges. Limit fuel expenses through astute fleet management practices.
Reduce your Operating Costs

Comprehensive Vehicle and Asset Diagnostics

Stay informed about vehicle diagnostics and receive alerts for fault codes. Schedule preventive maintenance based on engine hours and mileage to minimize downtime.

Complete Vehicle and Asset History

Track service records meticulously to curtail repair costs and schedule maintenance, ensuring prolonged asset lifespan and averting breakdowns.

Tailor-Made Inspection Reports

Craft customized reports for any vehicle or asset type, empowering you to monitor specific details as required.

Instant Operational Insights

Effortlessly identify vehicles or assets in need of maintenance with real-time views and automated workflows. Gain instant insights for efficient and streamlined management.