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GPS tracking system

Access Real Time GPS Insights for Complete Fleet Visibility
Benefit from top-tier live and historical location tracking to pinpoint a driver's on-site presence, determine vehicle locations, and proactively prevent theft.
Supervise your Vehicles and Drivers Effortlessly
Enhance tracking beyond standard GPS tools with Advaya's integrated fleet solution. Seamlessly woven into the Advaya ecosystem, it boosts visibility and control, connecting safety, compliance, and driver coaching data to eliminate silos.

Instant visibility

Live GPS Tracking of Vehicles
Effortlessly communicate and update driver statuses on the go by sharing the real-time location of your fleet vehicles. Administrators benefit from live tracking capabilities.

Enhancing Route Efficiency

Gain Insights into Driver Activity and Vehicle Routes
Analyze completed tasks using trip history reports to enhance performance and minimize delays. Track specific details of drivers, vehicles, and trailers:

Elevate customer satisfaction

Deliver Outstanding Services to the Customer
Offer precise delivery estimates to customers, minimizing the chances of dissatisfaction caused by delays or inaccurate information.

Risk mitigation

Transform Data into Actionable Insights with Automated Alerts
Stay informed with dynamic updates, enabling proactive management of at-risk loads. Easily customize alerts for drivers, vehicles, or groups to maximize flexibility.

On the move

Access your Fleet Wherever you are
Effortlessly manage your fleet, whether you're in the office, out in the field, or on your way home. The Advaya Fleet App is designed for managers on the go. Download it now from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
Rely on your Location Data
At the core of our system is advanced hardware that seamlessly connects all your physical operations. Our intelligent and high-performance tracking and telematics devices are crafted to thrive in challenging and remote work environments.
Vehicle Gateway
Driving Advaya's GPS tracking technology is the Vehicle Gateway, utilizing built-in cellular connectivity to consistently synchronize driver and vehicle data with Advaya's Driver App and Fleet Dashboard.