Advaya Fleet

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Equipment Monitoring

Monitor your Equipment and Trailers
With unparalleled visibility, tracking their location, utilization, and health. Automate critical operational workflows for enhanced efficiency.

Visibility management

Eliminate the need for manual check-ins with up-to-date GPS tracking.

Optimize asset usage

Utilize insights to reposition assets that are underused and automate client billing.

Safeguard your Assets

Receive automatic geofence alerts that identify unauthorized use, reducing the risk of theft and loss.

Reduce downtime

Stay proactive with preventive maintenance, addressing potential issues in advance to minimize equipment downtime.
Sector Advantages
Advaya Asset Gateways, and Environmental Sensors offer unmatched visibility and oversight, catering to diverse equipment types. Our system aids in monitoring, tracking, optimizing, and safeguarding your assets, irrespective of the industry you are engaged in.
Monitor your Equipment Seamlessly via Unified Platform
Gain both real-time and historical insights into the location of equipment, with automatic linkage of assets and vehicles when they travel together, ensuring precise delivery tracking. Say goodbye to yard hunts as you effectively track a wide array of equipment, ranging from generators to heavy machinery.
Optimize Equipment use for Enhanced Efficiency
Access live data on equipment and trailer usage to optimize capacity and reduce periods of inactivity. Identify readily available equipment within specific geofenced areas for streamlined and effective capacity planning.
Proactively manage preventive maintenance
Mitigate expensive repairs and downtime with predictive monitoring of fault codes and scheduled maintenance based on engine hours and mileage. Receive instant alerts for assets in need of attention.