Advaya Fleet

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Punctual Economical & Consistent
Ensure the timely and cost-effective completion of all your projects consistently by leveraging real-time insights from our comprehensive fleet and equipment management platform.

Holistic Fleet Management

Advaya stands as the unified solution catering to all your fleet management requirements, allowing for the seamless optimization of your business processes.

User-Friendly Interface

Accessible to users on both mobile and desktop devices, Advaya boasts an interface that is both intuitive and uncluttered, ensuring straightforward navigation.

Rapid Implementation

Leverage the expertise of Advaya’s Professional Services team for a swift setup, ensuring an expedited initiation, quicker user adoption, and early maximization of your Return on Investment (ROI).

Committed Assistance

Benefit from renowned 24/7 support, available in five languages, offering continuous assistance across every phase of your journey.
Amplify Fleet Productivity
Safeguard your labor budget and streamline cycle times through informed decisions powered by customizable productivity tracking software.

Elevate Visibility

Gain real-time insights into the whereabouts and utilization of drivers, assets, materials, and equipment, even in remote locations.

Communication Streamlining

Connect vehicles, drivers, and central offices for swift access to crucial project information, fostering collaboration and enhancing communication efficiency.

Fuel Consumption Reduction

Optimize vehicle and asset utilization to curtail fuel consumption and diminish wear-and-tear, contributing to cost savings.
Enhance Driver Safety and Business Protection
Identify, predict, and proactively address issues to prevent delays and mitigate associated costs.

Accident Prevention

Utilize real-time alerts and high-definition video for coaching opportunities, nurturing a safety-centric culture and potentially reducing insurance rates.

Risk Mitigation

Embrace a safety-first approach, influencing driver behaviors through real-time data to mitigate risks and minimize accidents.

Driver Behavior Assessment

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling for a holistic understanding of driver behavior, recognizing high-risk drivers and rewarding safety-conscious practices.
Effective Maintenance Management
Stay ahead of preventative maintenance using real-time issue reporting that seamlessly integrates with project schedules and budgets.

Diagnostics Monitoring

Employ vehicle diagnostics and fault code alerts to schedule maintenance based on engine hours and mileage, minimizing downtime.

Operating Cost Reduction

Leverage real-time dashboards to stay informed about assets requiring maintenance, preventing unnecessary expenses and optimizing operational costs.

Optimized Asset Utilization

Ensure proper equipment allocation to job sites through asset tracking, facilitating the seamless progress of projects as planned.
Monitor your Construction Fleet Heavy Equipment and Project Status

Equipment Tracking and Theft Prevention

Receive real-time alerts about unexpected movements or unauthorized use through GPS-based fleet tracking and geofence warnings.

Precise Location Viewing

Gain visibility into the exact locations of drivers and field workers for improved tracking of arrivals, departures, and next destinations.

Efficient Cycle Times

Stay informed about teams' schedules and notify job sites of expected arrival times to enhance overall project efficiency.

Streamlined Dispatching

Locate the nearest driver, track locations, share documents, and message drivers for efficient coordination of just-in-time deliveries.