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Delivery Service that Receive High Praise from Customers
Streamlined routing, precise estimated arrival times (ETAs), and punctual deliveries—all offered through a user-friendly fleet management solution.

Integrated Solution

Advaya stands as the complete solution to meet all your fleet management needs, enabling you to streamline your business operations.

User-Friendly Interface

Open to users with either a mobile or desktop device, the interface is not only clean but also intuitive.

Swift Implementation

Advaya's Professional Services team guarantees a quick setup, expediting adoption and maximizing return on investment right from the beginning.

Dedicated Support

Our support, recognized with awards, is accessible 24/7 in five languages. We are committed to assisting you at every phase of your journey.
Enhanced Route Optimization with Fleet Tracking
The primary concern for customers often revolves around delayed deliveries. Advaya improves route planning and provides precise Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), ensuring customers have clear expectations regarding the arrival of their deliveries.

Streamlined Route Optimization

Improve route efficiency to save both fuel and time through nearly real-time fleet tracking.

Real-Time Tracking & Navigation

Stay informed with dispatch updates in real-time and enable in-app navigation for precise guidance.

Thorough Documentation

Facilitate instant sharing or receipt of proof of delivery and validate work by swiftly uploading relevant documents.
Enhance Safety and Mitigate Risks Across Every Route
Identify drivers with elevated risk by integrating telematics, artificial intelligence, video footage, and automated risk profiling to establish a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on driver behavior.

Accident Avoidance

Advaya's AI Dashcam promptly alerts drivers of unsafe behaviours as they happen, contributing to positive advancements in fleet safety through heightened awareness.

Driver Training and Guidance

Utilize high-definition video for improved coaching opportunities, cultivating a safety-focused culture. Leverage real-time data to positively shape driver behaviours.

Insurance Cost Mitigation

Utilize dashcam clips as a measure to protect against fraudulent claims. Implement automated collision reporting to expedite the processing of legitimate claims, resulting in reduced insurance costs.
Reduce Costs with Fuel and Maintenance Insights
Enhance delivery route optimization to alleviate high fuel consumption and decrease wear-and-tear expenses.

Enhance Fuel Economy

Leverage Fuel Score as an accurate metric to evaluate the performance of both high-performing and underperforming drivers and vehicles.

Assess Operational Performance

Measure your fuel consumption against Advaya averages, assessing your fuel efficiency in comparison to other operations.

Supervise System Diagnostics

Organize maintenance schedules based on engine hours and mileage to minimize downtime.
Optimize Time and Cost Savings through Budget and Schedule Management
Effortlessly identify the locations of drivers and assets at a glance, enhancing accuracy in customer billing for improved financial efficiency.

Unified Platform

Consolidate the multitude of apps used for managing and dispatching drivers into a single, comprehensive platform. The setup is quick and straightforward.

Dispatch Management

Streamline the assignment of orders to drivers or vehicles and monitor their deliveries in real-time through your Dispatch Board for enhanced efficiency.
The features delivery services need

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Monitor and share your vehicles' locations in real-time.

Immediate Notifications

Send or receive proof of delivery instantly, validating work through document uploading.

Service History Tracking

Track the service history to minimize repair costs and efficiently schedule maintenance, preventing breakdowns.