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Passenger Transit

Enhance Passenger Transit with Seamless Software
Elevate customer satisfaction, enhance fleet visibility, and prioritize driver safety through our comprehensive solution designed specifically for passenger transit companies.

Comprehensive Solution

Advaya offers an all-encompassing response to address every facet of your fleet management needs, enabling you to simplify your operational processes.

User-Friendly Interface

Accessible to individuals using either mobile or desktop devices, the interface is intuitive and uncluttered.

Efficient Setup

Advaya's Professional Services team ensures a rapid setup, expediting adoption and optimizing the return on investment from the outset.

Devoted Support

Benefit from round-the-clock support in five languages, recognized for its excellence, guiding you through every phase of your journey.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Elevate communication with drivers, ensuring precise pick-up and drop-off times through real-time GPS tracking, thereby preventing delivery disputes.

Precise Estimated Times

Transmit and receive accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) to keep customers informed about anticipated arrival times.

Expedited Dispatch

Identify the nearest driver, track their location, share details, and communicate with drivers for seamless trip coordination.

Secured Pickups

Guarantee a smooth customer experience through real-time GPS tracking.
Real-Time Fleet Oversight
Advaya establishes connections between vehicles, drivers, and offices, providing crucial delivery data to enhance efficiency and ensure productivity.

Optimized Routing

Determine the shortest, quickest, and most effective routes, saving on fuel and time with up-to-the-second fleet tracking.

Up-to-Date ETAs

Dispatch and drivers share precise ETAs, keeping customers well-informed about pick-up expectations.

Accurate Location Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into driver and passenger locations to track arrivals, departures, and subsequent destinations effectively.
Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency
Monitor diagnostics, streamline maintenance management, and optimize fuel consumption to minimize costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Diagnostics Oversight

Diminish downtime and extend the lifespan of vehicles by tracking diagnostics and scheduling preventive maintenance.

Efficient Maintenance Handling

Employ real-time views and automated workflows to effortlessly identify vehicles requiring maintenance, all within a unified dashboard.

Fuel Optimization

Fine-tune the utilization of vehicles and assets to reduce costly fuel consumption and wear-and-tear.
AI Dashcams for Safety and Business Security

Driver Behavior Assessment

Monitor and share your vehicles' locations in real-time.

Liability Exoneration

Use reliable, high-definition video footage as substantiation to absolve your company from unwarranted blame.

Augmented Visibility

Obtain real-time insights into the location and usage of drivers and assets, even in remote areas.

Productivity Enhancement

Employ advanced event intelligence technology to swiftly analyze every video, ascertain context and severity, and provide post-trip coaching for drivers