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Trucking & Logistics

Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution for Trucking and Logistics
Elevate customer satisfaction, enhance fleet visibility, and prioritize driver safety through our comprehensive solution designed specifically for passenger transit companies.

Comprehensive Solution

Discover Advaya, the unified answer for all your fleet management necessities, enabling you to optimize your business.

User-Friendly Interface

Accessible via any mobile or desktop device, the interface is designed for ease of use and clarity.

Swift Implementation

The Professional Services team at Advaya ensures a speedy setup, accelerating adoption and optimizing ROI promptly.

Devoted Support

Benefit from round-the-clock support available in five languages, showcasing our commitment to guiding you at every step.
Risk Reduction Made Simple
Employ the most inclusive toolkit, suitable for all fleets aiming to decrease risk, enhance overall safety, elevate driver satisfaction, and boost productivity.

Accident Prevention

Utilize instantaneous alerts and HD video for innovative coaching, fostering a safety-focused culture, and potentially reducing insurance costs.

Proactive Risk Management

Cultivate a safety-first mindset by utilizing real-time data to shape driver behaviors and actively reduce accidents.

Holistic Driver Assessment

Combine telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling for a comprehensive understanding of driver behavior. Recognize high-risk drivers and acknowledge safe driving habits.
Real-Time Fleet Visibility
Enhance asset security, optimize utilization, and refine routing through real-time GPS tracking and geofence alerts.

Equipment Security

Leverage live GPS tracking to safeguard equipment and vehicles against misuse and theft. Monitor all assets effortlessly from a centralized dashboard.

Theft Deterrence

Ensure constant monitoring of machinery and vehicles through GPS tracking and geofencing to maintain their security.

Unified Information Repository

Aggregate all driver, vehicle, equipment, and trailer data into a single accessible location, simplifying identification of drivers operating specific vehicles attached to particular trailers or assets.
Top-Notch ELD for Compliance
Advaya's user-friendly ELD, trusted by over 100,000 businesses, can be installed swiftly, ensuring compliance.

In-Cab Safety Alerts

Cutting-edge AI detection models instantly identify unsafe driving actions, providing audio and visual alerts to improve behavior in real-time.

Efficient Event Capture

Empower drivers to record notable events with a simple button push, encouraging the sharing of dash cam video clips directly with the safety team.

Engine-Off Recording

Capture crucial video events post-engine shutdown, preventing out-of-pocket expenses for incidents occurring when the vehicle is stationary.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Improve communication with drivers to provide accurate delivery windows to customers, mitigating delivery disputes.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Notify customers of expected arrival times when vehicles are on schedule, ensuring accurate ETAs.

Streamlined Dispatching

Locate the nearest driver, track locations, share details, and message drivers for coordinated and seamless trips.

Smooth Pickups

Ensure a hassle-free customer experience with real-time GPS tracking.
Everything to Manage your Fleet and Grow your Business

Holistic Fleet Management
and Growth Solutions

Discover the array of features within Advaya, spanning from dashcams to enhance safety and reduce insurance costs to automated risk profiling for an in-depth insight into driver behavior.

Automated Risk

Integrate telematics, AI, video footage, and automated risk profiling to gain a thorough understanding of driver behavior, distinguishing between low and high-risk drivers.

Exculpatory Video

Harness precise HD footage as immediate evidence, shielding drivers from unfounded claims, providing a defense against legal challenges, and averting expensive settlements.


Employ HD video footage as real-time proof to shield drivers from baseless claims and establish a robust defense against legal proceedings.