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AI Dashcam

Smart Precise and Rapidly Responsive AI Dash Cameras
Minimize accidents and identify hazardous driving behaviors with unparalleled precision and swiftness. Indeed, fleet dash cams serve as the most reliable eyewitnesses.
The AI Dashcam Harnesses Advanced AI Processing Capabilities and Sophisticated Computer Vision Algorithms to Enhance Safety on the Road.

Offering real -time vigilance

The AI system swiftly recognizes and alerts against high-risk behaviors, ensuring immediate corrective actions within the cab.

Dedicated safety team

Coupled with advanced event intelligence, diligently analyzes each video, providing valuable post-trip coaching to enhance driver performance.

Protective measure for business

leveraging the high-definition video footage as on-the-spot evidence to counter false claims and fortify your position against potential litigation.
Through the Lens of Advaya's AI Dashcam

Cutting-edge AI Detection Models

Advaya's AI detection models promptly identify unsafe driving actions, delivering real-time audio and visual alerts to enhance driver awareness.

Robust Battery and Design

Equipped with an industrial-grade battery and robust design. Our dashcam captures critical video even when the engine is off or power is lost due to accidents or loose cables.

Unmatched Image Quality

With a remarkable resolution of up to 1440p, Advaya sets the industry standard for image quality. Our dashcams leave no detail unnoticed

Reliable Storage Solutions

Access dashcam footage from the last 30 to 235 hours, providing crucial insights into incidents. Each request yields up to 60 minutes of high-definition footage.

Instant High-Risk Event Recording

Empower commercial drivers to instantly record high-risk events on their path, encouraging seamless sharing of dashcam footage with the safety team.

Respecting Driver Privacy

Activate Driver Privacy Mode to disable the driver-facing camera during off-duty hours, ensuring utmost privacy for drivers when not actively working.