Advaya Fleet

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Uphold the Ethical Standards of Pharmaceutical Procedures and Contribute to Extending Patient Lifespan
Execute approaches directed at improving the worldwide distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Container Oversight

Ensure Ideal Temperature and Loading with Advanced Sensors. Get Instant Alerts for Exceeding Set Limits

Cargo Security

Protect valuable assets with e-locks, restricting access to authorized personnel. Enable real-time trip and geofence notifications for comprehensive cargo, vehicle, and driver safety.

Liability Protection

Mitigate risks with dual-facing dashcams and electronic proof of deliveries. Ensure regulatory compliance through digital access to fleet documents.
Maximize Fleet Performance with Smart Solutions
Elevate operational efficiency and boost productivity by leveraging the capabilities of Advaya. advance fleet management with seamless integration.

Efficient Trip Management

Ensure on-time deliveries with optimized routes, live alerts, and real-time ETA updates for enhanced customer experience.

Fuel and Maintenance Alerts

Get instant refuelling notifications, deter theft with alerts for sudden fuel level drops. Set regular maintenance schedules for longer vehicle lifespan, reduced expenses.

Performance Scorecards

Enhance fleet with driver and vehicle scorecards. Identify harsh driving, poor-performing vehicles to optimize operations, maximize productivity.
Unmatched Cargo Protection
Achieve complete visibility throughout the supply chain for enhanced safety. monitor cargo temperature, safeguard shipments with remote engine immobilization, updates, and live alerts. Digitally secure driver certifications for legal compliance, retaining video footage to prevent liabilities.
Maximize Operational Effectiveness
Attain success through thorough process enhancement. Ensure on-time deliveries with optimized routes, real-time alerts on vehicle movements, and preventive maintenance. Supervise trip management, and optimize fleet with reports & analytics.