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Consolidate ELD Compliance IFTA reporting and CSA Insights into a Single Unified Platform
Enhance drive efficiency, reduce violations, and elevate CSA scores through the streamlining capabilities of automated compliance management.
Advaya empowers you with the ability to enhance
compliance management

The Driver App

Our Advaya Driver App is adored by drivers for its user-friendly interface, simplifying ELD compliance. Drivers experience efficiency as they swiftly complete logs and inspection reports, steering clear of HOS violations. Inspection Mode aids in acing roadside inspections.

Rest assured, the Advaya ELD is FMCSA-registered and certified in USA and Canada, ensuring compliance across North America.

Streamline Compliance Procedures with Our Automated Compliance Management Solution

Effectively handle unidentified trips through automated trip and driver matching. Receive immediate email alerts to promptly notify you of HOS violations and be instantly aware of Vehicle Gateway disconnects, enabling swift checks on drivers.

Comprehensive Oversight

The Compliance Hub and Fleet App work in tandem, offering a holistic perspective on fleet compliance health. Effortlessly manage data, expedite violation resolutions, and ensure compliance from any location. Proactively monitor CSA with insights to identify critical issues. Enhance understanding by integrating it with Advaya’s DRIVE risk score to gain a complete insight into each driver’s risk profile.

A Results Driven Compliance Solution

Mitigating Infractions

Our Driver App's HOS clocks proactively alert drivers, preventing them from exceeding their limits and aiding in the reduction of violations. With comprehensive visibility into compliance health, managers can swiftly address violations, ensuring sustained compliance.

Operational Optimization

Leverage AI-Powered Unidentified Trip Matching for Enhanced Operational Efficiency. Streamline HOS, DVIR, and IFTA Management with an Integrated Solution, Offering a Swift Log-Editing Workflow and Automatic Yard Move Annotation to Save Time.

Operational Efficiency

Combine CSA score monitoring with Advaya's DRIVE score for a thorough assessment of your drivers' risk profiles. Guide drivers to lower CSA scores, mitigating the risk of FMCSA intervention.

Financial Optimization

Employ forecasted CSA scores to reduce FMCSA fines and insurance costs. Develop strategies to remain below intervention thresholds and collaborate with your insurance provider by sharing projected scores to secure more favourable rates.