Advaya Fleet

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All Encompassing System for your Entire Operation
Achieve universal connectivity and real-time updates, enhancing efficiency and productivity irrespective of your operation's size or your location.

Unified Solution

Advaya serves as the exclusive resolution for all your fleet management necessities, allowing for the optimization of your business processes.


Accessible by anyone with a mobile or desktop device, Advaya offers an uncomplicated and intuitive interface.

Swift Setup

Advaya's Professional Services team ensures a rapid setup, accelerating adoption and maximizing return on investment.

Devoted Assistance

Our award-winning, 24/7 support, available in five languages, accompanies you at every stage of your journey.
Track Equipment Anytime Anywhere
Leverage Advaya's asset tracking capabilities for continuous service, regardless of location or environmental conditions.

Equipment Location Awareness

Guard against misuse and theft through live GPS tracking, monitoring all assets from a unified dashboard.

Theft Deterrence

Real-time GPS monitoring and geofencing guarantee the security of your machinery and vehicles.

Optimize Labor Expenditure

Real-time monitoring of agricultural equipment enhances productivity while reducing seasonal labor costs.
Extend Equipment Longevity
Receive maintenance reminders and alerts to address the unique maintenance challenges posed by specialized agricultural machinery.

Predictive Maintenance

Get alerts for specific assets requiring maintenance or review your entire operation through a customizable dashboard.

Preventive Measures Against Theft

Attain comprehensive visibility into your asset maintenance tasks and workflows.

Early Detection of Engine Faults

Identify vehicle defects promptly with fault code detection and real-time alerts.
Efficient Fuel Utilization and Cost Reduction
Gain insights into precise fuel usage through detailed reports to reduce operational costs.

Enhance Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Score offers an accurate metric for evaluating driver and vehicle performance.

Performance Benchmarking

Compare fuel usage against Advaya averages and evaluate fuel economy relative to other operations.

Environmental Responsibility

Utilize AI-driven fleet fuel management software to pinpoint fuel-wasting vehicles, reducing your carbon footprint.
Streamlined Deliveries with Navigation
Access comprehensive information on road conditions and weather to reroute drivers or prepare for potential delays.

Maximized Uptime

Ensure vehicles are on the road consistently by prioritizing constant maintenance and performance reporting.

Tracking and Navigation

Receive real-time dispatch updates and deploy navigation within the app.

Thorough Documentation

Facilitate instant proof of delivery and work validation through document uploading.
Increase Driver Safety and Efficiency

Enhanced Driver Safety and Efficiency

Proactively identify high-risk drivers by combining telematics, AI, and video footage with AI dashcams.

Optimized Routing

Improve route efficiency, saving fuel and time, through near real-time fleet tracking.

Monitoring Fleet Operations

Acquire valuable insights into fleet activity, facilitating improved route planning and the provision of accurate ETAs to customers.

Field Navigation with GPS

Implement GPS mapping systems to guide field drivers, ensuring they follow a direct path during plowing activities.