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IFTA fuel tax reporting

IFTA fuel tax reporting
Streamline International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting and eliminate the administrative burden associated with collecting state mileage and fuel receipts.

Automate complex computations

Allow Advaya to manage intricate calculations, covering aspects such as the distance traveled by jurisdiction, fuel purchases for all fleet vehicles, and other related parameters.

Improve operational effectiveness

Effortlessly upload receipts from either the Fleet Dashboard or the Advaya Driver App, with automatic recording of transactions made using the Advaya Card.

Mitigate audit risk & human error

Streamline the process by exporting IFTA reports ready for filing with a single click, ensuring they are error-free and devoid of inconsistencies.
Generate IFTA reports effortlessly
Utilize Advaya's IFTA reporting software to automatically compute jurisdiction-specific distances traveled and fuel purchases. Access detailed trip reports or filter summaries based on date or vehicle type.
Import fuel receipts seamlessly
Effortlessly bring in fuel receipts by entering purchases individually or in bulk via a CSV file from your fuel vendor. Additionally, drivers can conveniently upload fuel receipts on the move using the Advaya Driver App.
Access Advaya Card transactions effortlessly
Automatically integrate Advaya Card fuel purchases into IFTA reports, requiring only that the driver pays for fuel using the Advaya Card.