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Reefer Monitoring

Smart Precise and Rapidly Responsive AI Dash Cameras
Elevate compliance, profitability, and productivity by maintaining real-time control and monitoring of your reefer trailer fleet throughout the cold chain journey.Link up your refrigerated fleet seamlessly with real-time insights into the status and environmental conditions of your temperature-controlled cargo.

Environmental Sensor

Effortlessly tracks temperature and humidity conditions in your refrigerated trailers, ensuring precise environmental control.

Thermo King Integration

Gain remote control and monitoring capabilities for telematics and temperatures in your Thermo King units, optimizing operational efficiency.

Asset Gateway

Efficiently receives and reports reefer data to the Advaya Fleet Dashboard, providing comprehensive insights for streamlined fleet management.
Streamline FDA compliance
Streamline compliance processes and fulfill Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements using our cold chain monitoring system.
Reduce reefer operational expenses
Enhance your financial performance by minimizing fuel consumption, cargo spoilage, and reefer maintenance costs.
Centrally Control Reefer Units
To minimize expensive human errors in programming and operation.