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Automated Driver Status Updates (Auto-Duty)

Advaya seamlessly updates the driver status based on the requirements outlined in your regional mandates. If your drivers fall under regional mandates, such as ELD regulations, it is advisable to consistently enable this feature for your organization to ensure ongoing compliance.
A vehicle is categorized as "driving" when its speed surpasses 5 mph, a parameter defined by the ELD Mandate.
The Advaya Driver App autonomously shifts drivers to the "Drive" status unless they are currently marked as "Personal Conveyance" or "Yard Move."
Yard Move → On Duty
Upon a driver's manual selection of Yard Move, the Yard Move status will persist until:
Personal Conveyance → Off Duty
When a driver manually designates Personal Conveyance (PC), the PC status persists unless:
Drive → On Duty
After the vehicle remains stationary for a continuous five minutes, the Advaya Driver App prompts the driver to decide whether to stay in Drive or shift to On Duty.
(United States only) If the driver doesn't respond to the prompt before the one-minute timeout elapses, the retroactive transition to On Duty occurs from the moment the vehicle ceased movement.