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Compliance Overview Guides / Compliance / Compliance Overview About Compliance If your area enforces regulations for commercial motor vehicle operators, leverage Advaya to facilitate compliance. Utilizing the Advaya Driver App,

Driver Duty Status Categories Guides / Compliance / Driver Duty Status Categories Yard Move (On Duty) and Personal Conveyance (Off Duty) represent two distinct driving statuses specified under the ELD

Automated Driver Status Updates (Auto-Duty) Guides / Compliance / Automated Driver Status Updates (Auto-Duty) Advaya seamlessly updates the driver status based on the requirements outlined in your regional mandates. If

Tailored Driver Rule Settings Guides / Compliance / Tailored Driver Rule Settings U.S. Driver Rulesets Initially, your organization is set to the default USA (8/70 Property) ruleset with a 34-Hour

Divided Sleeper Berth Guides / Compliance / Divided Sleeper Berth As an integral aspect of their reporting on Hours of Service, drivers have the option to allocate a portion of