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Divided Sleeper Berth

As an integral aspect of their reporting on Hours of Service, drivers have the option to allocate a portion of their rest period to a sleeper berth.
Utilizing the Advaya Driver App, drivers document the time spent in sleeper berths. The sleeper berth time for each driver is available for review in the daily log.
The regulations governing the duration and conditions of rest periods in a sleeper berth differ based on regional requirements.
Split Sleeper Berth Guidelines (United States)
Drivers have the option to divide their mandatory 10-hour shift reset period into two segments, with one lasting at least 7 hours in a split sleeper berth (SB) and the other lasting at least 2 hours in an off-duty SB period.
The combined duration of these two periods must be 10 hours. The completion of the second period does not contribute to the shift time. By default, Advaya computes shift points and resolves potential violations after both periods are fulfilled. Drivers can proactively pause shift clocks between shifts by enabling the Split Sleeper Toggle.
Additional considerations for split sleeper berth (SB) include:
Drivers record SB time using the Advaya Driver App, and each status change is documented in the Driver HOS Report.
9/29 Rules: Driver App (Point 2)
Activate the Split Sleeper Toggle (for Drivers)
To actively halt shift clocks when in split sleeper berth scenarios, you can activate the Split Sleeper Toggle from the Advaya Admin portal.
To activate the Split Sleeper Toggle:
Upon activating this option, the shift is temporarily halted following the initial eligible period until your status transitions to On Duty. While Advaya provides a note in the HOS log, it is advised to manually include a remark in the log for clarity during roadside inspections in the event of a split sleeper scenario.
In the Advaya dashboard, your fleet administrator can observe the status of your split sleeper toggle in your driver log: