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Compliance Overview

About Compliance
If your area enforces regulations for commercial motor vehicle operators, leverage Advaya to facilitate compliance. Utilizing the Advaya Driver App, your drivers can seamlessly edit, review, and certify logs directly from their personal or company-managed mobile devices.
Advaya further empowers fleet and compliance managers with user-friendly dashboards and reports, ensuring that e-logs from drivers are current and your organization remains in compliance.
Advaya offers compliance tools tailored for specific regions, including:
The United States
The ELD mandate requires commercial motor vehicle operators to utilize electronic logging devices (ELDs). Advaya offers functionalities designed to monitor Hours of Service (HOS) logs and manage violations, ensuring strict compliance with the ELD mandate.
Essentials for Ensuring ELD Compliance
The ELD mandate necessitates that each ELD-equipped vehicle must possess documentation explaining the operational procedures of the device, which includes:
In the United States, the Advaya Driver App User Guide aligns with the ELD information packet requisites outlined in 49 C.F.R. § 395.22(h). The ELD guidance provided by FMCSA (refer to FMCSA's ELD FAQs) affirms that these materials can exist in electronic format, following the guidelines set in the federal register titled “Regulatory Guidance Concerning Electronic Signatures and Documents” (76 FR 411). The digital edition accessible in the app fulfills the requirement for the ELD mandate.
Configurable HOS Preferences
Customize compliance settings to specify the details displayed in Hours of Service (HOS) reports and establish rules for your drivers. The Points below outlines the available HOS settings for your fleet:
Information about the carrier
Enforce Manual Location for Duty Status Changes
Activating this option will compel drivers to input a location when initiating a duty status change if the ELD fails to automatically record one. When this setting is deactivated, drivers will not be prompted for a location when making a duty status change.
Permit Unregulated Vehicles
Activate this setting to designate certain vehicles as unregulated (non-CMV). Advaya will refrain from generating unassigned segments and will not trigger the automatic transition from On Duty to Drive duty status for unregulated vehicle movements.
Automatic Transition for Yard Move
Automatically switch drivers from Yard Move status to Driving status when the vehicle speed exceeds 20 mph (32 km/h). This ensures that drivers utilizing the Yard Move duty status promptly transition to Driving status in situations where it is more fitting. The setting, when enabled, is universal and applies to all drivers in the fleet with Yard Move access; it cannot be tailored to specific drivers, vehicles, or tags.
Automated Transition for Personal Conveyance
Activate Advaya to automatically switch drivers to On Duty Driving status if they surpass the daily allowable Personal Conveyance driving distance (46.5 mi (75 km)). The Advaya Driver App will present a prompt to notify drivers of this transition. Once the daily allowance is reached, drivers won't have the option to choose Personal Conveyance as their duty status for the remainder of the day.
Mandatory Location Tracking for HOS Logs
In cases where the vehicle location is not accessible or remains undetermined, the driver log will not exhibit the location details. To mitigate the absence of location data, you have the option to enable the Advaya Driver App, prompting drivers to manually enter a location when the vehicle location is indeterminable, and the driver undergoes a duty status change.
Enabling the Force Location on HoS Logs feature results in the following modifications: