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Driver Duty Status Categories

Yard Move (On Duty) and Personal Conveyance (Off Duty) represent two distinct driving statuses specified under the ELD Mandate.
Category Overview
Off Duty
The driver is on a break or in an off-duty status, not actively operating the vehicle.
Sleeper Berth
The driver is on a break or in an off-duty status, not actively operating the vehicle.
The driver is in an on-duty status and actively operating the vehicle.
On Duty
The driver is in an on-duty status but not actively engaged in driving.
Yard Move
The driver is in an on-duty status but engaged in yard movement, subject to specific conditions.
Personal Conveyance
Off-duty driving duration, particularly the time spent operating a commercial motor vehicle for non-work-related purposes
The ELD mandate necessitates carriers to have the capability to customize the accessibility of Yard Move and Personal Conveyance special duty statuses for each driver. These settings can be adjusted either on the driver's Settings page or during the Bulk Import/Update process. Once selected, the configured duty statuses become additional options within the driver app.
Personal Conveyance (PC)
Personal Conveyance stands as a designated duty status for the United States and Canada, outlined by the ELD mandate. It signifies Off Duty drive time while operating a commercial motor vehicle for activities unrelated to work. A daily claim of up to 46.5 miles (75 km) is permissible for Personal Conveyance.
To uphold the daily distance limit, activate Personal Conveyance Auto-Duty within your HOS Settings (Settings > Compliance). Once enabled, Advaya autonomously shifts drivers to On Duty Driving status when they surpass the permitted daily Personal Conveyance driving distance.
The Advaya Driver App issues a notification to inform drivers of this transition, and drivers are restricted from altering their status to a non-driving state in the app. Upon reaching the daily allowance, selecting Personal Conveyance as a duty status for the remainder of the day is not possible.
Activate Personal Conveyance Duty Status for a Specific Driver
Compliance with the ELD mandate necessitates carriers to customize the availability of special duty statuses, such as Yard Move and Personal Conveyance, on an individual driver basis. Once the duty status is enabled, the Advaya Driver App presents the status tile as an accessible option.
To configure the Personal Conveyance duty status for a specific driver, follow these steps:
Yard Move (YM)
A Yard Move holds a distinctive position within FMCSA's driving categories. When engaged in a Yard Move, the ELD registers a driver's status as On Duty Not Driving, triggered when the vehicle maintains a speed below the threshold of 20 mph (United States) or 32 km/h (Canada).
In accordance with relevant regulations, carriers are required to preconfigure driver accounts with the Yard Move status, tailored to each driver. If a carrier chooses to preconfigure a driver's account with yard moves, the driver must specify the commencement and conclusion of the yard move period.
Activate Yard Move Duty Status for a Designated Driver
Automate the Transition of Yard Move Duty Status
If you permit drivers to utilize the Yard Move duty status, there may be concerns about them remaining in Yard Move status when the Drive status would be more appropriate. To regulate how Yard Move is utilized, Advaya provides a Yard Move Auto Transition setting that confines Yard Move usage to the designated speed threshold.
This setting automatically shifts drivers from Yard Move to ELD Drive when the vehicle surpasses the speed threshold. The Advaya Driver App will prompt drivers about the transition and prohibit them from editing their status to a non-driving state within the app.
For Canada HOS compliance, Yard Move Auto-Duty Transition is automatically enabled for Canada, being mandatory and not subject to disablement.
Even though it isn't mandatory for the US ELD mandate, you can choose to implement this functionality for drivers in the US.
Impact of Engine Restarts on Yard Move Status
In compliance with the ELD Mandate, the reset of Personal Conveyance and Yard Move duty statuses occurs after an engine restart. Upon detecting that the vehicle has come to a halt and has undergone an ignition cycle involving the engine being turned off and then back on, the ELD presents a prompt. This prompt provides the driver with the option to either remain in PC or YM.
Should the driver take no action within 300 seconds, the Advaya Driver App automatically shifts the driver's status from Yard Move to On Duty. If the vehicle resumes movement, the driver is transitioned to ELD Drive unless they specifically choose the Yard Move status again within the app.