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Typical Offenses by Drivers and Violations of Hours-Of-Service Regulations

Typical Offenses by Drivers and Violations of Hours-Of-Service Regulations

Routine examinations are conducted on commercial vehicles. Non-compliance by the driver or vehicle may result in a written warning or a fine for the driver or fleet. In severe cases, immediate suspension of service for the driver or vehicle may be enforced, constituting HOS violations. Throughout 2021, state and federal authorities conducted close to 3 million roadside inspections, with approximately 21% of vehicles being suspended from service.

Driver and HOS Violations to Avoid

Ensuring compliance with hours-of-service (HOS) regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and disruptions. Drivers must be prepared for safety inspections and be aware of common violations. Here are five violations to be mindful of:

1. Exceeding 14 Hours on Duty:

2. Exceeding 60/70 Hours in 7/8 Days:

3. No Record of Duty Status (RODS):

4. False Logs:

5. Wrong Class License:

Common Driver and HOS Violations during International Roadcheck 2022

Avoiding Violations

Utilizing an FMCSA-registered electronic logging device (ELD) is a proactive measure. ELDs provide timely alerts for HOS violations, allowing drivers to plan and park safely. Familiarize yourself with HOS regulations, including cycle limits, restart rules, 14-hour and 11-hour limits, 30-minute breaks, split sleeper berth, and sleeper berth extension to avoid violations. Stay informed and ensure compliance to save time and money.