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While FMCSA mandates FMCSA-registered ELDs for most non-exempt drivers, certain circumstances grant exemptions from this rule. In such cases, drivers may opt for alternative methods to document their Hours of Service (HOS) but must maintain appropriate documentation justifying their exemption from the ELD mandate.
Recaping the ELD mandate and compliance
The ELD mandate is a U.S. Federal Regulation compelling most commercial motor vehicle drivers to install FMCSA-registered ELDs for recording Hours of Service (HOS) and relevant data. Its primary aim is enhancing road safety by rigorously enforcing HOS rules and mitigating driver fatigue. To achieve ELD compliance, a system must align with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) ELD mandate. Despite this, certain drivers may qualify for exemptions from the mandate, rendering a compliant ELD solution unnecessary.
Who is exempt from ELD regulations?
There are specific exemptions to the ELD rule: