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Recap Hours Report

Drivers have two common approaches to regain time while adhering to hours of service rules.
Cycle reset: (Optional, yet widely used) Drivers undergo a reset period (34 hours for Federal regulations) to reset the 8-day, 70-hour period.
Running Recap: As each day concludes at midnight, the hours worked 8 days ago expire. These hours are then recaptured and combined with any available 70-hour on-duty cycle hours for utilization the next day. This allows drivers to maintain continuous operations without the necessity of a 34-hour reset. Some carriers may prefer this operational method.
Utilize the Recap Hours Report to observe the number of hours your drivers can potentially gain over the next 7 days. This report is accessible as a tab on the Hours of Service Report. For fleet administrators coordinating drivers following Hours of Service rules, this report aids in scheduling drivers who wish to optimize their recap hours.
The report exhibits the following details for drivers within your fleet:
Category Overview
Driver's name. You can delve deeper into comprehensive Hours of Service details for a specific driver by choosing the driver's name.
Duty Status
Current driving status (Driving, On Duty, Yard Move, Off Duty, Personal Conveyance, Sleeper Berth, or Disconnected Waiting Time).
Cycle Today
Remaining cycle time for the driver today, such as 10:32.
Cycle Tomorrow
The available cycle time for the driver, starting at midnight (or noon for noon-to-noon drivers), for example, 22:55 (+12:23 from Sunday, Nov 20, dropping off the cycle at midnight).
Subsequent Dates
The hours regained on the following days, for instance, +9:18 for the next day that drops off the cycle - Monday, Nov 21. In some instances, you may need information beyond one day. You can check the previous subsequent days to ascertain how many hours the drivers will regain at midnight for the upcoming days. For example, tomorrow at midnight, the driver will regain +9:18. The day after that, the driver will regain 10:25:59.
For a targeted selection of drivers, you have the option to refine the outcomes by employing Tags. This allows you to showcase solely those drivers associated with specific tag groups, current Duty Status, Active Drivers status, or Vehicle Assignment status. Additionally, you can utilize the Search function to locate drivers by name.
Recap Hours within the Advaya Driver App
Drivers have the ability to project the anticipated hours to be reclaimed on the following day by inspecting the log in the Advaya Driver App.
Upon reviewing their cycle, drivers can discern the hours set to be acquired and recouped at midnight.
As an illustration, suppose there are 7:57 hours left in the current cycle and 17:44 hours available in the upcoming cycle; in this scenario, the driver would accrue an additional 9:47 hours.
These hours are similarly manifested in the Driver HOS Log. To elaborate, when midnight arrives (on August 16, for instance), the remaining hours from August 10 are removed from the log, contributing to the cycle's remaining time: 1:10 + 4:13 = 5:23.
The details are also available on the DOT Inspection Page and in the ELD Data file.
Once the file is prepared, your browser initiates the download to your local downloads folder automatically.