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Observation and Understanding

Observation and Understanding

Distinguishing Features and Commonalities in the Canadian ELD Mandate in Comparison with the U.S.

Canada has adopted the U.S. ELD Mandate as a foundational model, tailoring it to suit its distinct requirements. The primary objective is to align regulations consistently with the U.S. Mandate, especially for fleets operating in both Canada and the United States.



Expected Outcomes of the Canadian ELD Mandate

As Canada prepares to roll out its own Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, it can learn from the experiences encountered during the implementation in the United States. Similar to any new mandate, there are unintended consequences that Canada can anticipate, and drawing insights from the U.S. rollout provides an opportunity for proactive measures.

1. Detention Times Unchanged:

Initial hopes of improving detention times with ELDs in the United States have not materialized. Detention times have either remained the same or, in some cases, worsened.

2. Parking Shortages:

Parking shortages have become a significant concern, ranking fourth on the American Transportation Research Institute's list of pressing issues for the trucking industry. Drivers, unable to continue driving beyond their Hours of Service (HOS) limits, face challenges finding suitable parking facilities.

3. Speeding Increases:

Reports indicate a notable increase in speeding among U.S. drivers, attributed to the need for heightened HOS compliance. The choice between violating HOS regulations or facing delays has led some drivers to opt for exceeding speed limits.

4. Improved HOS Compliance:

Despite unintended consequences, the U.S. ELD mandate has successfully achieved one of its primary objectives – enhancing HOS compliance. Since enforcement began in April 2018, less than 1% of driver inspections have identified individuals without an ELD, and HOS violations have significantly decreased.

5. Roadside Issues:

The initial implementation period in the U.S. saw a learning curve for both enforcement personnel and drivers. As Canada adopts its ELD mandate, there may be instances where investigators are not fully versed in the specific requirements, necessitating thorough preparation for Canadian drivers.