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HOS Calculator

HOS Calculator

The FMCSA governs the daily and weekly driving and working hours for commercial drivers, including mandatory rest breaks. Referred to as hours-of-service rules, these regulations aim to limit driving hours to prevent fatigue-related accidents. According to the FMCSA's Large Truck Crash Causation Study, 13% of commercial drivers were fatigued during collisions. Compliance requires commercial drivers to understand and adhere to these rules, and many must use an ELD solution featuring an automatic hours-of-service calculator for accurate recording.

What does an hours-of-service calculator do?

Commercial drivers utilize an hours-of-service calculator as a tool for monitoring their hours of service and duty statuses, ensuring compliance with the FMCSA's ELD mandate. The majority of drivers are now required to employ electronic logbooks or ELD compliance systems, equipped with tools for the automatic tracking and recording of a driver's hours of service.

Employing an hours-of-service calculator

Most electronic hours-of-service calculators exhibit similar functionality, and let's use the Advaya ELD solution to exemplify how these devices function. When used independently, the Advaya Driver App serves as a fully customizable electronic log device, replacing conventional paper logs. This standalone Advaya Driver App complies with USDOT/FMCSA rule 395.8 regarding a driver's record of duty status and adheres to Canada’s regulations for commercial vehicle drivers' hours of service. Download the Driver App for Apple or Android. The Advaya Vehicle Gateway is a hardware device that connects to the diagnostic port (ECM) of a vehicle. When coupled with the Advaya Driver App, the Advaya Vehicle Gateway automatically records driving time in accordance with USDOT/FMCSA's ELD rule outlined in 49 CFR Part 395, enabling drivers to manage their hours of service through the Driver App.

Advantages of hours-of-service calculators for commercial drivers

Selecting a tool that aids commercial drivers in adhering to the FMCSA ELD mandate and avoiding costly HOS violations and penalties is imperative. The benefit of hours-of-service calculators lies in their integration into most ELD systems mandated by the FMCSA.
With reduced HOS violations, streamlined log management, and expedited roadside inspections, drivers can experience both time and cost savings through hours-of-service calculators.
Consider these crucial features when choosing an hours-of-service calculator and app: