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Handling HOS Amidst an ELD Malfunction

At Advaya, we recognize the significance of compliance and its implications for your operations. In the instance of an ELD device malfunction or service interruption, refer to the following guidelines to comprehend notification procedures, legal responsibilities for both Carriers and Drivers (as outlined in 49 CFR §395.4 ELD malfunctions and diagnostic events), and how to contact us for further assistance.
We deeply value your partnership, and we stand ready to assist and offer counsel should a malfunction occur.
Carrier Obligations
Notifications: In the event of an ELD malfunction, Advaya disseminates information regarding the service disruption to all users via the dashboard. Clear directives will guide drivers to switch to paper logs if the disruption warrants it.
Guidelines for U.S. Fleets: Refer to the following directives outlined in §395.34(d) for addressing an ELD malfunction:
Driver Responsibilities in the United States:
Follow the guidelines outlined in §395.34(a) in case of an ELD malfunction