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ELD Geographical Conversions

Aligned with FMCSA (US) regulations, electronic logging devices (ELDs) capture driver location data in the driver log at 60-minute intervals during key events such as engine start-up and shutdown, duty status and jurisdiction changes, personal use or yard moves indication, and when the vehicle is in motion.
For each event, the ELD translates latitude and longitude coordinates into geo-location details. Each location represents an approximate distance and direction to a recognizable location corresponding to the name of a nearby city, town, or village, along with a state, province, or territory abbreviation.
Storing HOS Information
Generating and Archiving HoS Reports
Within your Advaya Dashboard, you have the option to print and archive a driver's Hours of Service (HoS) history for your records or auditing purposes.
Steps to Print HoS Reports:
Saving HOS Reports
Most web browsers, including Google Chrome, offer the option to Save as PDF.
Saving Physical Copies of Driver Hours of Service Logs
Drivers can store their previous seven days' Hours of Service logs for your records using the Advaya Driver App. Moreover, drivers can print or export their Hours-of-Service Logs through the Driver Portal.