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Drivers Exempt from ELD Requirements

Certain drivers are not required to log Hours of Service due to exemptions, vehicle type, or operating mode. For such drivers, you have the option to set their driver profile as ELD Exempt. This configuration allows them to use the Advaya Driver App without being concerned about unnecessary Hours of Service features or potential violations. Should a driver try to access HOS or related features, the Advaya Driver App will show a notification indicating their ELD Exempt status, along with the reason provided in the driver profile.
Set up an ELD Exemption for a Driver
The ELD exemption is a component of a driver's profile. You have the option to apply the exemption to a driver on an individual basis.
Granting eligibility for the Adverse Driving Exemption can be based on unforeseen traffic or weather conditions, as outlined in §395.1(b). The utilization of this exemption results in the following outcomes:
When a driver claims this exemption, they have the option to enter a remark, providing an explanation that will be visible in the log and the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Data File. This serves to communicate pertinent details to any inspecting authority. To facilitate the use of this driving exemption for drivers, refer to the Configure Compliance Settings. For a comprehensive understanding of the driver workflow, consult the guide on Claiming the Adverse Driving Exemption.