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Choosing an ELD Service Provider

Navigating the selection of the appropriate ELD can be daunting. This section offers guidance to simplify the process of identifying a compliant ELD and preventing costly errors. With the ELD mandate in effect, non-exempt drivers lacking ELDs risk being placed out of service by enforcement authorities.
Finding a compliant ELD
The FMCSA established an ELD registration list to assist individuals and fleets in locating compliant ELDs. ELDs on this list are self-certified by vendors and lack verification or endorsement from the FMCSA. In brief, self-certification doesn't automatically imply FMCSA compliance
Three crucial factors to consider in an ELD:
Two warning signs in an ELD provider:
The FMCSA provides a checklist for ELD selection; ask your vendor to explain how their ELD aligns with each point.