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AD Plus

The AD Plus is a sophisticated dash camera featuring a built-in AI processor designed to detect crucial driving events, including lane departure, forward collision, and improper driver behavior such as mobile phone use and failure to wear seat belts. Providing real-time alerts to drivers for unsafe behaviors, AD Plus also uploads events to a monitoring platform, enabling fleet managers to review and coach drivers effectively in minimizing traffic risks.

Key Features

Supports up to 4 channels of video recording

Built-in AI event detection with ADAS and DSC capabilities

ADAS automatic calibration

Harsh driving detection with 6-axis G-sensor (Harsh Acceleration, Deceleration, and Sharp Turn)

Real-time in-cab feedback

Dual TF card storage with dual-stream recording (HD and SD Recording)

Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE modules

Supports live streaming, video playback, and event upload

Supports Sleep Mode (no more than 0.1W consumption)