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AD Plus 2.0

AD Plus 2.0 stands as an AI-enabled 4-CH compatible dash camera meticulously crafted for fleet monitoring and comprehensive risk management.

Key Features

Advanced Clarity Technology

1920P Road-Facing Lens with 140° DFOV & 1080P Driver-Facing Lens with 170° DFOV

Comprehensive Integration

4-CH AI Dashcam, Professional ADAS & Improved DSC

In-Cabin Real-time Feedback

Real-time Audio & Visual Alert

Continuous Connectivity

Access to Device Anytime Anywhere Regardless of Ignition Status

Secure Communication Suite

Built-in MIC & Speaker with Echo & Noise Canceling Algorithm for Two-Way Audio Communication

Effortless Setup Solution

15 Minutes Plug & Play Installation, Compact Size Compatible with All Vehicle Types

Solution Portfolio


Monitor driver behaviour


Audio and visual alert

HD Display

Blind spot video feed

AD Plus2.0

Dual channel dashcam with built-in Al

Rearview CAMERA

Vehicle rear monitoring