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See what 1,000 physical operations leaders across 11 industries had to say about the challenges faced over the last year and the opportunities ahead.

As 2023 winds down, we reflect on the challenges that physical economy leaders faced this year and map out the opportunities that lie ahead. If there was one thing leaders could count on in 2023, it was more uncertainty. Inflation was expected to subside, though it never did. The economy was stuck in neutral. And skilled labor remained elusive

Over the past year, we’ve heard from customers who say they’re overwhelmed and overworked. Labor, resources, and time have become increasingly scarce, and leaders are feeling the pressure. They need real solutions that help lift their burden, not an onslaught of data that adds to it.

In surveying 1,000 physical economy leaders across 11 industries, including trucking and logistics, oil and gas, construction, field service, and more, we wanted to better understand the state of the physical economy and the 12-month outlook of the people we serve. The result of this effort — Motive’s Physical Economy Outlook 2024 — presents the most quantifiable view to date of the challenges and opportunities facing leaders of the physical economy, as described in their own words.